Advocacy is available for people who are houseless or street-dependent and want to access emotional support or assistance to clarify issues, solve problems, identify barriers to safety, and develop safety checking and planning skills.

At PiPE our advocacy is participant centered/driven and because of that the services provided are molded to what people are needing most.

Advocates have assisted participants with:

  • Replacing lost/stolen records (state ID cards, birth certificates,
  • Filling out legal forms and documents (DV/SA protection orders, letters of insight, character statements etc.)
  • Accompaniment to appointments in social, legal and health facilities
  • Picking up prescriptions
  • Getting connected to therapy
  • Signing people up for food stamps
  • Getting healthcare  and more!

All services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

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**Please be aware that as service providers, we are mandated reporters and are required by law to contact Protective Services if you are in immediate danger from yourself or another and we have identifying information (such as your legal name, age or place of residence). In an effort to empower individuals, we are committed to providing you with an accurate representation of our abilities and limitations.