2019 Board of Directors:

Tracey Carlos, Secretary
she/her pronouns

Tracey Carlos - insert with Tracey's Board Bio


Affiliations: Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) Olympia 246 for the Thurston County Democrats, Member of WFSE 443
Tracey Carlos is a political activist/photographer. She is a pragmatic progressive lesbian interested in working toward a more equitable future.  She joined the PiPE board in August of 2017 and has served as secretary since January 2018.

She moved to Olympia in 2010 and was excited to see the level of activism in the community.  Soon after moving here she got a job working for the state where she felt could do the most good on a daily basis with her customer service background.  Since then she has become politically active through the Democratic party. Currently she is the Vice Chair of the 22nd Legislative District Democrats.

Getting involved in local politics opened her eyes to the growing houseless issues and through searching for ways to help the community Tracey got to know Renata Rollins and was recruited to help on the PiPE Board.  Her hobbies, outside her activism, including reading and photography.


Agatha Burstein, Board Member
they/them pronouns

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Lucas Miller, Board Member
he/him pronouns
Affiliations: Capital City Pride, Pizza Klatch, Mpowerment Washington, Trans Advocacy Group, Trans Discussion Group, PFLAG Olympia, New Bois

Lucas Scott Miller has been a Queer/Trans activist in the Olympia area for the last 15 years. He is active in several LGBTQ+ organizations including PFLAG, Pizza Klatch and Mpowerment. He hosts a show on Thurston Community Media on Queer/Trans issues. He is originally from Massachusetts and loves dogs and seafood.

Thalia Vaillancourt, Board President
she/her pronouns


Thalia Vaillancourt is a French-Canadian transplant, retired yoga instructor, and massage therapist. She began her yoga studies in 1995 and quickly learned that the tools she gained from her practice were essential to her survival as a street involved survivor of sexual violence. In 2002 she completed her first teacher training while completing her college diploma in languages and literature and thereafter committed herself to teaching others the same essential life and wellness skills that saved her life. She continued her studies and grew her business in Montreal, Quebec, Canada until 2012 when she moved to the USA seeking change. She has lived in Olympia, WA for four years and is a recent graduate of the Evergreen State College.  Through a recent internship with P.I.P.E, she developed a drive to work in the organizational side of advocacy. Thalia is committed to social service, and is continually growing her skills and knowledge. She was honored to be asked to join the board of P.I.P.E, and looks forward to engaging the Olympia community and growing P.I.P.E’s network.


Serving on our board can be a rewarding way for you to get involved in your community and lend your skills to building a world free of violence with houseless and marginalized young people in downtown Olympia.
Have questions or just want to sit in on a Board Meeting to get a feel for how our organization runs? Call for meeting location and time. If you are interested in attending please contact us at (360) 357-4472 or email infoatpipe@gmail.com