Charlia Messinger, Executive Director

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Charlia came to PiPE in 2015, after graduating from The Evergreen State College. She has been an advocate for survivors of violence since 2011, and coordinated the Coalition Against Sexual Violence for most of her time at Evergreen while studying anti-colonial feminist history, art and practice. Charlia has sought out an administrative role to continue to create services and programs to best support survivors where it has been missing historically.  Her experiences as a queer woman, a trauma survivor, and with size and class discrimination inform the work she does for our communities.

Charlia spends her time outside of work supporting local music, and hanging out with her dog, Agatha and her ball python, Monty. She enjoys creating jewelry and painting, and can often be found stuck in blackberry thorns trying to reach an elusive berry.

Mika Semrow, Program Director


Mika’s path to working at PiPE is a strange and meandering one that started in food service and survivor advocacy. Freshly graduated from college, and burnt out on non-profit work, they took a job at a local bar where they had the opportunity to experience the support, care, and comradery of their unhoused customers. From then on, they felt called to use their skills to support the houseless community in Olympia and give back some of what had been given to them. That was in December of 2016 and they’ve never looked back. In their free time, Mika enjoys playing fetch with their dog, Bear; reading; listening to podcasts; or doing DIY projects around their house and garden.


Nina Carmichael, Systems Advocacy Coordinator

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Nina came to PiPE in 2018, two years after graduating from the University of Washington. She has been an advocate for survivors of violence since 2010 and has worked and partnered with places such as: KCSARC, Orion Center, Friends of Youth, NW Network and Safeplace doing research, advocacy, paneling, community awareness/prevention outreach, curriculum building and workshop facilitation.

Autume-Eve Briarhart, Mobile Advocate



Autumn-Eve Briarhart is new to houseless advocacy, but is excited at any opportunity to help their community. With firsthand experience in navigating the systems and obstacles often placed in front of marginalized communities, Autumn is especially equipped to offer their services to those in need. Outside of work, Autumn can be found walking at the docks, reading poetry, or cooking for their partners.

Allyn Hershey, Advocate

KayVin Hill, Advocate

A survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, KayVin was raised in a home fraught with abuse. In their late teens they had a series of legal troubles that eventually led them to homelessness. KayVin has lived through many hardships since then, including the loss of their mother (2015) and brother (2018) to suicide. KayVin somehow turns all of that into a sharp sense of humor backed by a stoic attitude. KayVin continuously seeks to unlearn harmful behaviors learned in childhood and perpetuated in daily life as well as mainstream media, in order to help themselves and their community thrive. At their core KayVin believes that a community can only heal and grow together. KayVin sees a need worldwide for greater assistance through witnessing, understanding, and basic human decency in regards to our unhoused populations. Especially in regards to our BIPOC and LGBTQ unhoused populations .As an advocate with Partners in Prevention Education KayVin hopes to do their small part in increasing the accessibility of our ever changing landscape for our most vulnerable neighbors.